Liferafts and Hydrostatic Release Units




Breathing Apparatus


Hydrostatic Release Units for Liferafts and EPIRB


Fire-Fighting Equipment & System
* Portable & Non-Portable Fire Extinguishers
* Fixed Fire Extinguishing System


Pyrotechnics(Rocket Parachute Flares, Hand Flares, Buoyant Smoke Sighnals, Self Activating Smoke Signals and Line Throwing Appliance)


Others Life-Saving Appliances


Rescue Boat


Immersion Suits


Inflatable Lifejackets




Fireman's Outfit(Breathing Apparatus, Fireman's Suit Complete, Fire Axes Insulated Handle, Fire Proof Lifeline, Safety Lamp and Safety Belt)


Fire Extinguishers & Spare charger(powder) and Fire Hoses & Nozzles



Life-Saving Equipment For Vessel and Life Boat



Others For Ships Safety Equipment